Chopt Launches New Mexico-Inspired Menu

Chopt has launched the “New Mexico” round of Destination Salads inspired by travel to “The Land of Enchantment” and showcases the best ingredients that the region has to offer.

The new menu additions celebrate the diverse flavors of New Mexico, introducing ingredients from the state such as Chimayo Chile and the Hatch Green Chile, the latter of which is sourced from Brooklyn-based and New Mexico-bred Zia Green Chile Co.

Spicy New Mexico Caesar: FreeBird Chimayo Chile chicken, goat gouda, avocado, pickled jalapeños, masa crisps, romaine & purple cabbage with spicy Hatch Chile caesar dressing.
Warm Hatch Chile Grain Bowl: Braised FreeBird Hatch Chile chicken, quinoa & hominy blend, fresh jicama with lime, cotija, masa crisps, kale, broccoleaf & purple cabbage with limón vinaigrette & Red Chile hot sauce.
Taos Market Plate: FreeBird Chimayo Chile chicken, fresh jicama with lime, roasted seasonal squash, quinoa & hominy blend, marinated kale & arugula topped with freshly grated goat gouda, Mexican goddess dressing and a wedge of lime.


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