Cape May and DC Brau Collaborate for Two New Beers

‘Rosé du Gosé’ to Debut at SAVOR. ‘L’Attitude’ Takes Flight in June 2018.

DC Brau and Cape May Brewing Company have joined forces for two new collaborations, hitting this summer.

“This collaboration has been particularly intuitive,” says Ryan Krill, CEO of Cape May Brewing Company. “We’ve built a great relationship with DC Brau over the years, and once the subject of a collaboration was raised, the ideas came quickly and easily. We’re all really excited about these beers, and we think our fans will be, too.”

“Collaborations are all about fusion with good friends coming together to create something unexpected,” says Brandon Skall, co-founder & CEO of DC Brau. “With both these beers, we’ve tested our limits and tried something new. We’re psyched for everyone to taste these beers this summer!”

The Rosé du Gose is a simple, yet complex brew that boasts fruit-forward strawberry and peach flavors with their respective aromas thanks to the addition of more than 1,300 pounds of fresh fruit puree.

L’attitude is being brewed by Cape May using two bold, experimental hops varieties: Experimental #09326 from Hopsteiner and HBC 342 from YCH. L’Attitude has notes of tropical fruits, berries, orange citrus, all in a dry ale with a unique yeast ester profile of apricots and a touch of spice.

DC Brau plans to pour the Rosé du Gosé at SAVOR June 1-2, 2018 at the National Building Museum in Washington, DC. L’Attitude will release later this summer in the South Jersey area.

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