BOURBON STEAK Debuts New Dishes with New Executive Chef Drew Adams

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Executive Chef Drew Adams arrives at BOURBON STEAK at Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC, uniquely attuned to this transformative time of year.

As a passionate forager, Adams often seeks stimulation from the outdoors, unlocking the gastronomical potential of what he finds in nature. His innovative and sustainable approach is reflected in the carefully curated additions to Michael Mina’s award-winning menu and his intensive training initiatives that are designed to empower his team with a deep appreciation for the region’s edible resources.

Drawing on an impressive pedigree from three of DC’s Michelin-starred restaurants including Plume, Rose’s Luxury, and The Dabney, Adams brings advanced techniques and a passionate, philosophical approach to his cooking.

bourbon steak four seasons washington dc
Chicken Ballotine with Black Truffle, Soubise, Wood Ear Mushrooms.

This Spring, Adams is imbuing the kitchen with a greater sense of locality, already evident in his use of Lindera Farm Vinegars and premium cuts of meat from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

BOURBON STEAK. Located in the Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC 2800 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20007. (202) 944-2026.

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