Bangkok Joe’s in Georgetown Returns April 7th


Bangkok Joe’s Washington Harbor in Georgetown will reopen with an expanded Dumpling Bar.

Washington, DC – Chef Aulie Bunyarataphan and Mel Oursinsiri, who have been changing the face of Thai food in the region for over two decades, will reopen Bangkok Joe’s with an emphasis on traditional Thai ingredients, cooking styles and flavors to appeal to diners expanding palates and openness to trying authentic global cuisines.

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Chef Aulie’s signature creative twist on authentic Thai ingredients and flavors is showcased in many of the new dishes such as;

Fried Thai Chicken served with a grilled sticky rice cake, green papaya slaw, tomato-chill-lime Jiew, and fried shallots ($20)
Radish “Tater” Tots with sautéed bean sprouts, garlic chives, egg and sriracha ($8)
Crispy Rice Yum with seasoned rice, Naam sour pork, ginger, peanuts and spices ($10)
Hot Pot for Two served Tom Yum style with a choice of beef brisket or seafood ($16).
Pad Thai with popular sen lek noodles stir-fried with bean curd, crushed roasted peanuts, bean sprouts, scallions and egg with a choice of chicken, shrimp or fried tofu ‘n vegetables, ($13 – $17)
Chicken Basil Kapow with spicy minced chicken, green beans, onions, scallions and bell peppers in a chili-garlic-basil sauce ($14).
Thai Pepper Crème Brûlée with cilantro candy and a chocolate spoon ($7)
Fried Patongo, the Thai version of a doughnut, made of a sweet and salty dough that is deep fried and dipped in condensed milk ($6).

*Gluten-free and vegetarian diners will also find ample choices from which to select.

There will be an expanded Dumpling Bar, featuring 20 of Aulie’s unique creations paired with her house made sauces. Highlights include;

Larb Duck Dumpling with Thai herbs and crispy shallots served in a sweet-chili zaap sauce ($10)
Lobster ‘n Shrimp Dumpling with water chestnuts, ginger-soy foam and chili oil ($11).

The use of bold color and repetition, a key element of Thai design, creates a powerful effect. Red, the national color of Thailand, is featured prominently. Gold accents in various shades can be seen gracing the walls, in the oval ceiling dome at the center of the restaurant and on the banquettes. Georgetown based Collective Architecture designed the restaurant.

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Bangkok Joe’s is located in Georgetown’s Washington Harbour at 3000 K Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20007. Reservations and more information will be found HERE.

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