Hay Adams Hotel in DC Launches ‘At Home With The Hay’ Online Experience

The Hay-Adams hotel announced the launch of  ‘At Home With The Hay’ — a new online experience to help create the luxury “Hay-Adams experience” while we stay at home. The landing page aims to engage and entertain with tips, resources and recipes for you to easily create some of your favorite aspects of The Hay-Adams in your home. 

‘At Home With The Hay’ was launched as a special offering to fans of The Hay-Adams from all over the world as the luxury hotel observes a temporary suspension of operations in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak. 

Specialists from The Hay-Adams, including Executive Chef Nicholas Legret, Executive Pastry Chef Elenor Apolonio-Frantz, and Off The Record Manager Mehdi Limami, have teamed together to share the selection of guest favorite recipes to easily recreate at home. 

“As we navigate this difficult time, we know our guests may be looking for some fun ways to make life at home more enjoyable.”

Hans Bruland, Vice President & General Manager of The Hay-Adams.

As part of this experience, The Hay-Adams also unveiled a limited-edition poster, creatively featuring popular political figures including Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Donald Trump to help illustrate COVID-19 public health guidance. 

Inspired by the tradition of award-winning hotel bar Off The Record featuring notable politicos and timely events in its exclusive coasters and portraits, The Hay-Adams tapped Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Matt Wuerker to commission the poster as a special offering to hotel guests.

Wuerker is a long-standing partner of The Hay-Adams who is credited with creating many of the famed coasters and portraits which have become distinguishing features of the award-winning hotel bar. 

The print-ready and shareable version of the poster, as well as all recipes and other content produced by The Hay-Adams, will be accessible on the ‘At Home With The Hay’ site and is also being shared on social media channels. 

Visit the ‘At Home With The Hay’ landing page at hayadams.com/dining/at-home-with-the-hay

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