Amy Brandwein Welcomes New Wine Director Alissa Wilmina Diaz

Amy Brandwein, the restauranteur of famed DC establishments like Centrolina & Piccolina, has announced that Alissa Wilmina Diaz has joined her restaurant team as Wine Director.

Diaz is a natural fit for Amy’s team, seeing as her views on creating a warm and inviting dining experience through attentive hospitality aligns with Amy’s longstanding ethos.

Diaz will stack Centrolina and Piccolina with regional and international purveyors, with a specific focus on Italian varietals from up-and-coming regions.

At Centrolina, Alissa is passionate about featuring unique grape varietals on the award-winning restaurant’s menu, with most selections coming from classic and modern producers.

There will also be a continued focus on adding female winemakers to the menu, as well as incorporating wines that are produced organically, sustainably and biodynamically.

Piccolina’s wine selection will lend itself to a more relaxed drinking experience, with familiar wines from known regions, keeping the selection process for guests effortless to navigate, to match the restaurant’s comfortable dining environment.

Having grown up in Virginia, Diaz returns to the DMV after working in New York City’s beverage community. Most recently, Diaz worked as the Beverage Director for Chef Behzad Jamshidi, curating the wine pairings for his private events throughout iconic New York culinary venues.

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