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There are nights in the theatre that stay with you long after the curtain falls, and the National Theatre’s presentation of the Broadway musical Hadestown in Washington, DC, was one such night. It was an evening of captivating performances, dynamic staging, and a musical score that still echoes in the mind.

The cast was nothing short of exceptional. In the role of Hermes, Nathan Lee Graham delivered a powerful and nuanced performance. His stage presence was magnetic, drawing the audience into the world of the play with every word he uttered. Equally impressive was Matthew Patrick Quinn, whose deep bass voice resonated throughout the theatre, adding a profound depth to the musical score.

The stellar voice of J. Antonio Rodriguez, who played Orpheus, was a highlight of the evening. His performance was matched by the equally talented Maria-Christina Oliveras. Together, they brought the mythological tale to life with their passionate portrayals and vocal prowess.

A special mention must be made of Emily Fredrickson‘s trombone performance. Her skillful playing added a unique layer to the musical landscape of Hadestown, enhancing the overall experience. The Fates and Workers, too, deserve applause for their contributions to this memorable performance.

One of the most striking aspects of the production was the expansive use of the stage. The space was utilized to its full potential, creating a dynamic and engaging visual spectacle that complemented the narrative and performances.

Hadestown at the National Theatre is a must-see. The performances, music, and staging combine to create a truly unforgettable theatrical experience. If you have the opportunity, don’t miss it!

June 6 – 18, 2023

Hadestown – Broadway at The National