30-Minute De-Light 4-Course Lunch Now at Sofitel

Sofitel DC De-Light Menu

Prompt Protein-Rich Courses Served at a Steal That Won’t Steal Your Time (If you want)

Washington, DC – Are you on a schedule? Need a reliable restaurant downtown that can drop a lunch and have you out the door in 30 minutes? Forget the power lunches, and head into the Sofitel Hotel Lafayette Square for their thrifty and light four-course lunch.

For about $28, you’ll be presented with a changing daily menu offering perfectly portioned courses.

What we tried: Salmon Tartare with Orange, Capers and Salmon Roe followed by Ahi Tuna with Curry Ratatouille and a Citrus Soy Sauce Glaze. Alongside these dishes were: Duroc (Heluka method) Pork Tenderloin with Nectarine and Rapini and an Apple Cider Reduction and a refreshing Blanc-Manger (sweet milk pudding). These courses are presented all at once, so your first course is really whatever you chose.

We understand that Executive Chef Franck Loquet consulted nutritionists to keep the calorie count very low and upped the protein (see Instagram photo).

How you spend your 30 minutes is entirely up to you and you can stay a little longer, pair the De-Light Lunch Menu with a nice glass of bubbly and enjoy the wonderful people-watching view.

Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square is located at 806 15th Street NW Washington, DC 20005

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