Sweetgreen Announces New CORE Menu

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Sweetgreen has launched its biggest menu innovation yet – a new CORE menu – welcoming many exciting changes.

Over the past several years, the Sweetgreen team has spent thousands of hours combing through customer feedback and ideas, testing new flavor combinations in the test kitchen and working with over 150 farmers across the country to explore new ingredients. From that data and research comes a new CORE menu that truly reflects the best of Sweetgreen and gives people what they want.

The Curry Chickpea winter bowl was the most popular seasonal offering in 2017, and now its here to stay. 10% of Sweetgreen’s customers identify as vegetarian or vegan. The new menu introduces lentils, a new vegetarian protein.

BEST! – Chicken Pesto Parm – this has all the familiar flavors of an Italian Chicken Parmesan sandwich.
Spicy Thai Salad – light and greens based for vegetarian customers with Spicy Cashew dressing.
PERMANENT – Curry Chickpea Bowl – winter menu favorite is here to stay!
Lentil + Avocado – a new vegetarian protein
Fish Taco – new warm bowl featuring roasted Steelhead.
OUT– OMG Omega, Rad Thai, Pesto Portobello, and the Spicy Sabzi.

17 locations in the Washington, DC area. Order online.

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