Slayer Espresso And Gruppo Cimbali Announce Partnership

Maurizio Cimbali, Franco Panno, Jason Prefontaine

The partnership will allow both companies to work together to achieve global expansion.

The partnership creates a perfect blend of the established and lean manufacturing of Gruppo Cimbali with the subversive and innovative methodology of Slayer.

The partnership will enable Slayer to increase its presence in the international market by utilizing Gruppo Cimbali’s capabilities to streamline the manufacturing process, broaden engineering expertise, and expand global business operations and brand footprint. In return, Gruppo Cimbali will further expand its portfolio in the high-end espresso segment and cement its position as a key player in the U.S. market through a presence in Seattle, one of the world’s coffee epicenters.

Slayer will proceed with its mission to ‘make coffee better’, through innovation and design, which made the company an alluring partner to Gruppo Cimbali.

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