Georgetown ParasolShare Now Available in Georgetown

Georgetown BID GeorgetownParasolShare

The Georgetown Business Improvement District is pleased to announce Georgetown ParasolShare, a share program aimed at improving the visitor experience and inviting customers to “Shop Georgetown and Stay Cool,” beginning June 17.

The program, the first of its kind, embraces the ever-growing sharing economy and welcomes visitors to use and ‘share’ a custom-branded nylon parasol as they shop, then return it to a participating location as they leave Georgetown.

Close to 50 participating stores, restaurants, galleries and hotels across the commercial
district from M Street to Wisconsin Avenue, side streets, and along K Street, are
participating. A full list of participating ParasolShare locations is on the next page, as well as on the BID’s website at www.georgetowndc.com/parasolshare

conversation by following @OfficialGeorgetownDC on Instagram, @georgetowndc on
Twitter, and use the hashtags #GeorgetownParasolShare and #BeatTheHeat.

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