One Eight Distilling Releases Rock Creek Rye

One Eight Distilling Rock Creek Rye Whiskey

First Rye Whiskey Made Grain to Glass in DC Since Prohibition


Washington, DC – One Eight Distilling is excited to introduce Rock Creek Rye Whiskey debuting this weekend, November 5th, 2016.

Made up of locally grown rye, malted rye and corn, Rock Creek Rye has the honor of being the first rye distilled from grain to glass and bottled in the District since Prohibition.

“Rock Creek Rye Whiskey is unique because of the terroir of its locally harvested Maryland and Virginia rye. Our high malted rye mash bill adds additional richness, complexity and depth,” said co-founder and head distiller Alex Laufer.

Rock Creek Rye uses rye from Fairview Cattle and Grain, malted rye from Riverbend Malt House and corn from Land’s End Farm.

Distilled in small batches on a copper pot still and matured in the highest quality American oak barrels, Rock Creek Rye Whiskey is bottled at 94 proof, making it ideal for enjoying neat or in a favorite cocktail.

“Rock Creek Rye Whiskey is the culmination of our passion for combining innovation and tradition to create exceptional spirits,” said co-owner Sandy Wood. “With none of the grassy notes of a young rye, it’s a full-bodied whiskey with the spicy characteristics of rye balanced with a little sweetness and rich malted flavors. We’re proud and excited to release the first whiskey distilled and bottled in DC since Prohibition.”

The Whiskey’s namesake, Rock Creek Park, is a DC landmark that used to be home to mills with small distilleries. These whiskeys and ciders made with locally grown rye, wheat, corn, and apples disappeared with Prohibition. Now many decades later, One Eight Distilling paves the way with their unique version of rye whiskey.

The new whiskey pays tribute to the area with a leaf representing the tulip poplar tree, commonly found in Rock Creek Park. One Eight Distilling commissioned the bottle artwork to Dando Projects.

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