North Fork Casino on the verge of getting approved

North Fork Casino on the verge of getting approved.
North Fork Casino on the verge of getting approved.

A referendum on off-reservation gaming, AKA proposition 48, is the only thing that’s standing between the construction of the North Fork Mono Rancheria Indians’ casinos and its potential customers. However, after 13 years of trying to get a casino open, it seems that the management will finally see the day where construction of the establishment can begin.

The management of the North Fork Rancheria wants to construct a complex similar to that of luxury-integrated hotel and casinos in Las Vegas and many other major cities. The new casino is projected to house 2,000 slot machines, 40 table games, and a huge hotel area on 305 acres along Highway 99 and Avenue 18.

The casino was the target of the state referendum, which was greatly opposed by competing tribes who own a casino near the area, particularly the Chukchansi and Table Mountain Rancheria. About 60% of the people in California voted against Proposition 48 in opposition to the establishment of the off-reservation casino but the referendum had no binding power.

“It allows voters to express their opinion on the issue, but it isn’t terribly unusual that in the end it’s just kind of a nonbinding kind of statement,” said Kenneth Hansen, coauthor of New Politics of Indian Gaming.

As such, in the next few months, the construction of a new tribal casino will most probably be approved. Whether it will be given the go signal by the federal government or the state, the North Fork Casino will soon materialize.

The opposition against the construction of the new casino is greatly opposed by nearby establishments due to the fact the casino revenues in the U.S. aren’t gaining an upward traction. While online gambling in the U.S. is largely restricted, people who used to travel to Vegas are now enjoying wireless gaming through their smartphones where they enjoy not only comfort but also commercially-licensed games that are exclusive for online gaming. With the construction of the North Fork Rancheria, sales of other nearby casinos will suffer, especially since the former will feature the elegance and style of a high-end luxury-integrated hotel and casino.

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