Gift Guide: Sunniva Super Coffee

sunniva super coffee protein coconut oil washington dc shopping gift guide

This coffee drink is designed to deliver better energy for your mind and body.

Sunniva starts with Colombian organic coffee, a touch of coconut oil MCTs for energy, and a boost of lactose-free protein for power.

Sunniva Super Coffee uses 10g of lactose-free protein instead of milk or cream and we add healthy fats from coconut oil, which our bodies burn for fuel. We burn fat and protein more efficiently than carbs and sugar. Only 7g Sugar from Organic Maple Syrup in Hazelnut and Mocha, only 6g in Vanilla Bean and 0g of Sugar in Creamy Black. Pack of 12 ($39.99). “Creamy Black” is my favorite.

PLUS! Add discount code “THEWASHINGTONLOBBYIST” good for 25% off at www.drinksupercoffee.com 

For more information and ordering, please go HERE.

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