Float Spa Launches in the Mount Vernon DC Neighborhood

soulex float spa epsom salt relaxation washington dc

At Soulex, Floaters Experience Hollistic Wellness in a Blissful Environment

Washingtonians now have a simple way to experience relaxation, meditation and well-being in just an hour. DC’s first float spa, Soulex Float Spa, is a relaxing space for rejuvenation and transcendence.


Floating is a powerful stress-relief and wellness tool. It takes place in a shallow, sensory-free pool of water, heated to body temperature and saturated with 1000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salt. This enables the body to float effortlessly. One hour of floating is equivalent to 4 hours of meditation and 8 hours of sleep.

FLOAT FOR: Stress Relief, Decrease anxiety, Increased mindfulness, Injury recovery, Fight addiction, Weight loss, Skin and hair health, Eliminate chronic pain, Alleviate pregnancy discomfort, Strengthens immune system, and Insomnia relief.

Soulex offers 60 minute float sessions, as well as longer sessions on request.

Soulex feature 4 float rooms, 3 of which contain individual pods and the fourth is an open water pool, large enough for a couple to float simultaneously. Each room is sound-proof and equipped with a shower, luxury bath products, organic towels and robe.

The spa features a well-appointed makeup room stocked with organic beauty products and hair dryers. The spa was designed by to feel modern and airy. The white walls and abstract artwork are complimented by reclaimed wood accents creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere.

SOULEX float spa. 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Entrance is on 11th St., Washington, DC 20001. (202) 289-0010.

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