About the Washington Lobbyist:

Michael Woestehoff, The Washington Lobbyist

Michael Woestehoff, The Washington Lobbyist

Michael Woestehoff is the founder of The Washington Lobbyist, a website that began as a literal homage to hotel lobbies and their respective interior design. Today, the website now features content from all over the United States based on the hospitality and travel industry and various philanthropic events. When this Arizona native is not in a hotel lobby, he also serves as an operations manager of an innovative non-invasive cosmetic procedure called the “Oxylight Experience.” He holds his Masters in Public Relations & Corporate Communication from Georgetown University.

Why lobbies?

Hotel lobby culture is fascinating. This is where many first impressions are made. There is something fundamentally consequential when the hospitality of our hotels and restaurants are paired with the policy decisions that effect our world. Amazingly, this happens right here in Washington. Today, we are seeing a rejuvenation of service, philanthropy, attention to detail and an overall attitude shift from a cookie-cutter political stump to becoming a sexy, cosmopolitan city. From food and drinks, art and architecture, personalities and politics, fashion and luxury, this site shares with its viewers the Capital’s best offerings.

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About the term ‘Lobbyist.’
It’s not a “bad” word anymore. A “lobbyist” is one who engages interested audiences and influences their position through great conversation served with delicious food and drinks. Now there’s no harm in that, right?

Definition: -IST

Function: noun suffix Etymology: French -iste, from Latin -ista, -istes, from Greek -istēs, from verbs in -izein –ize

– one that specializes in a (specified) art or science or skill <gastronomist><linguist>

– one that adheres to or advocates a (specified) doctrine or system or code of behavior <socialist> <moralist>

The term “lobbying” appeared in print as early as 1820:

“Other letters from Washington affirm, that members of the Senate, when the compromise question was to be taken in the House, were not only “lobbying about the Representatives’ Chamber” but also active in endeavoring to intimidate certain weak representatives by insulting threats to dissolve the Union.”

— April 1, 1820, New Hampshire Sentinel

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