Centrolina Offers 5-Course Tasting Passover Menu and Easter Treats

centrolina 2018 easter passover menu city center washington dc

For Passover, Chef Amy Brandwein will be serving recipes from Joan Nathan’s book “King Solomon’s Table.” Dishes are available the entire week of Passover, March 30 – April 7, 2018 as a five-course tasting menu or a la carte.

Enjoy a tasting menu comprised of a selection of recipes from “King Solomon’s Table: a Culinary Exploration of Jewish Cooking from Around the World”.
1– Long Cooked Hard Boiled Egg and Spinach – Ferrara Haroset: Chestnuts, Pine Nuts, Pears and Dry Fruits. 2– Matzo Lasagne, Mushrooms and Confit of Onions. 3– Cod with Tomatoes, Dried Plums, Onions and Pine Nuts. 4– Slow Cooked Brisket, Brunello, Vinegar and Mustard. 5– Ginger Almond Sponge Cake, Pistachio Gelato.

Centrolina will celebrate Easter Sunday April 1, 2018 with special baked goods and a selection of three creative Easter Baskets filled with homemade treats.

EASTER CAKES: Cassata Siciliana, Lemon Meringue Tart, Carrot Cake Bunny Bundts
BASKET TREATS: Dark Chocolate Bunny, Chocolate Covered Almonds, Apricot Ginger Bark, Cereal Treat Eggs, Sugar Cookies, Hazelnut Crunch Eggs, Tea Cakes, Kettle Corn, Bottle of Rose

There will also be a special a la carte menu from 11:00am-8:00pm on Easter.

Centrolina located in CityCenterDC. 974 Palmer Alley NW, Washington, DC 20001. (202) 898-2426.

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