All Set Restaurant Is Celebrating Shark Week (July 22-29, 2018) for a Cause

shark week silver spring all set restaurant seafood 2018

All Set Restaurant and Bar, will participate in Discovery Channel’s 30th anniversary of Shark Week from July 22-29, 2018 by donating to Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Stop by the popular Silver Spring restaurant, known for its coastal New England fare to indulge in shark-inspired cocktails and dishes.

All Set will be donating 10% of the proceeds from their Shark Week food & drink specials to this worthy cause. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is the world’s leading, independent non-profit organization dedicated to ocean research, exploration and education.

Available Sunday, July 22 through Sunday July 29, 2018.

All Set Restaurant & Bar. 8630 Fenton Street, Plaza 5, Silver Spring, MD 20910. (301) 495-8800.

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is dedicated to advancing knowledge of the ocean and its connection with the Earth system through a sustained commitment to excellence in science, engineering and education, and to the application of this knowledge to problems facing society. Additional information can be found at:

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